Pet parties done right

Your pets have been making bad days better and good days out-of-this-world awesome since the day you got them. Wouldn't it be nice to let them know how much they’re appreciated? It’s never a bad time to show your pet you care, and now that we’re spending more time inside, it’s even more perfect. Yep, for these reasons and more, it’s time to throw your pet a party.

Celebrating your pet can happen any time. If you know their birthday, then it's easy, but many owners don’t know their pet’s official special day. No worries, you can also throw a party on the anniversary of their adoption, or simply choose a day next week and get to planning. We promise they won’t mind if it’s not actually their birthday.

The real point of a pet party is not to worry about making it perfect, but to show your pet you care (and to indulge in your desire to buy a giant banner with Fluffy’s face on it). Go all-out with custom decorations, color-coordinated outfits and a photo-booth, or play it low-key and just get your quality-time on.

Make a plan, but keep things loose

No party is complete without a plan for major fun. This is your pet’s party, so celebrate in ways that suit your pet’s personality. If you've got an adventurous pup, try a trip to a new hiking trail. If your dog loves to swim, take a road-trip to the river. The more out-of-the-ordinary the activity, the more special it will feel. If your pet is more the indoors-y type, you can party with some special playtime or simply get in some quality cuddles.

No wrapping required

When it comes to getting gifts, think outside the box. Try setting up a front-yard obstacle course or create a castle from old cardboard. Buy a toy they’ve never seen or order something customized just for them like a puzzle that invites them to strategize in order to receive a tasty reward. (Actually, that could be a good gift for a human, too. Put it on your holiday shopping list while you’re thinking of it.) Of course, you could always skip straight to the treats (this is a birthday, after all).

Buy a cake or DIY it

A pet party is a great opportunity to get your creativity on. A custom cake is a fantastic way to show you care. Some cities even have bakeries that offer top-of-the-line pet-friendly cakes! You could also do your research and DIY it, but, before you get to baking, take time to reacquaint yourself with what your pets can and can’t eat. Grapes, for example, are toxic to both cats and dogs. Also, peanut butter, a favorite snack of many pups, can be very dangerous if the brand contains certain sweeteners like xylitol. So, play it safe and be sure to talk to your Banfield veterinary team to ensure the birthday treats are good for pets (nobody wants a party pooper).

However you celebrate their special day, you know your pet will appreciate it. Well, you can’t be 100% sure, but it’s a good bet. So, get out there and show your love with a party your pet will never forget.

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