Go green for pets and the planet

You might be thinking, “I already recycle, I’m using less plastic, I’m driving a hybrid or electric car – what more can I do?” Three simple words: Biodegradable poop bags. Actually, that’s just one of several ways to be green, on Earth Day and every day.

Five ways you and your pets can go green

  1. Switch to biodegradable poop bags and kitty litter. Pick up poop with a biodegradable bag and drop it in the trash, and you’ll help keep bacteria-filled dog waste drain out of your town’s water system. And try organic, biodegradable plant-based kitty litter and litter made from natural and recycled materials, which you can compost instead of throwing away.
  2. Compost your dog’s waste. If you have a yard, you could be composting. All it takes is a plastic garbage can, a few easy steps, and a little time. Look online for tips – could be a fast & fun weekend project!
  3. Buy natural/organic food & treats. Ask your Banfield® veterinary team if holistic or organic dog and cat treats will benefit your pet. Food may contain whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. It should also be nutritionally balanced, with appropriate amounts of protein, fats, and carbohydrates along with vitamins and minerals.
  4. Make your own recycled toys. Add some DIY toys to your pet’s collection, like an old sock stuffed with catnip for kitty or a treat-stuffed tennis ball for doggo.
  5. Clean up, green up. Switch to nontoxic, biodegradable, petroleum-free cleaning products, use vinegar as a disinfectant, scrub away messes with baking soda, and use a mild, non-toxic detergent to remove pet smells from carpets.

If you love animals, you love nature. We’re all living on this planet together; keeping it healthy, beautiful, enjoyable, and safe for our pets and ourselves is pretty simple and feels pretty good, too.

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