let's take this outside

Spring is almost here*, and it’s the season to shake things up and get moving. Especially for your dog, Whether they’re big and bold, small and curious, or somewhere in between, they’re ready roll.

Big time issue

You know how it is: Despite our best intentions as dog owners, many of our four-legged friends were a lot less active during the winter. Plus, they probably ate more food, too. Remember the holidays, when people-treats from the table found their way to appreciative and slobbery animal mouths?

Pets are getting bigger, and that’s a real issue. The potential consequences of overweight and obese body conditions are significant, including reduced mobility and osteoarthritis.

Grab a leash and go

Not surprisingly, the most successful way to help keep your pet's weight under control is restricting calories and increasing activity. A stroll, a jog, throwing the ball (over and over and over again) in a friendly game of fetch, or something else that gets you moving together. Just check with your Banfield Pet Hospital® veterinary team before starting any exercise program. There are certain conditions (e.g., heart disease, arthritis, joint injuries and respiratory disease) that might limit your pet's ability to exercise.

Have fun. Bring water. And don’t worry about those muddy paws.

It’s spring. Well, almost spring. So get sprung.

*Apologies to any of you who are still dealing with the occasional late-February/early March flurry, lake effect snow, or even a late-arriving nor’easter. Don’t worry—spring really does exist, and you’ll enjoy it soon-ish. We promise.

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