pet adoption rocks

Have you noticed how many official and unofficial “adopt a pet” days and months there are throughout the year? When you think about all the awesome animals in shelters and rescue centers that still don’t have a home, it’s easy to see why we’re all finding ways to encourage and celebrate pet adoptions. We’re totally 100% on board.

Because for all the challenges we’ve all experienced this year, one thing that can give us cheer is that pet adoptions seem to be trending up. And that makes sense: More time spent at home, more love to give, more reason to adopt. Sure, “Adopt a pet day” and “Adopt a pet month” are terrific. But 2020 feels like it’s been “Adopt a pet YEAR.”

Thinking about adopting a new pet?

It’s hard to resist, right? And everybody at Banfield Pet Hospital is here for you to make it amazing. Of course, we know you’re going to bring plenty of love and attention to that new love of your life – you probably won’t need much help in that department.

Where we can really help is keeping your new pet healthy and happy, year-round. The thing is, pets do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves, but they can’t really do the job without consistent, compassionate, and committed petcare from veterinary experts.

Give them petcare love at Banfield

For this very important part of being a pet owner, Banfield created Optimum Wellness Plans®. Each includes a bundle of pet-specific, preventive care services for your pet for the whole year. We’re talking about two comprehensive exams, unlimited office visits, routinely recommended vaccinations, Banfield virtual care options including 24/7 access to veterinary advice with Vet Chat™, and more – all at a significant discount over 12 monthly payments.

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