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Is there a better word in the English language? (And no, “pizza” doesn’t count.)

For so many of us pet-loving people, puppies are like magic. They’ve got a special, indescribable power to make life awesome, silly, lovey-dovey, beautiful, sweet, and cuddly.

So let’s say you bring a new puppy home. Naturally, you’re committed to keeping them healthy and happy – during puppyhood and later, too. 

Start with an Optimum Wellness Plan® (OWP) for the little rascal. That’s going to give you a package of year-round, preventive petcare services at a significantly discounted price. Nice. And as they used to say on TV commercials, “But wait, there’s more!” And it’s very cool.

DNA testing can help you learn more about your puppy

Every puppy OWP package from Banfield Pet Hospital comes with the Wisdom Panel™ Health dog DNA test. With the ability to detect more than 150 disease causing genetic mutations and identify more than 350 breeds, types and varieties, this genetic test helps pet owners know their pets in a whole new way.

Using your Wisdom Panel™ test results, your Banfield veterinary team can discuss any concerns with you, and you can connect with the Wisdom Panel team if you have additional questions.

A great option for adult dogs, too

You don’t need to have a puppy to enjoy the benefits of Wisdom Panel™ DNA tests. If you’re just starting an Optimum Wellness Plan for an adult dog, you can easily add the one-time test as an option. And if you already have an OWP, just add it as an option when you renew your plan.

Early detection of genetic health conditions provides more information to you and your Banfield veterinary team to help plan for your pet’s health, behavior, or training and nutrition needs.

Yay, science!

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