puppy behavior and training

Pups need training — and trained owners!

Puppies are animals, with instincts that often collide with our polite, cultured human sensibilities. That means they don’t automatically understand they shouldn’t tear up our nice pillows, get into dog park scuffles, or bark all day. Training your pup properly is foundational to raising a well behaved doggyBFF. Were here to help with the information you need.

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A cartoon puppy shredding a pillow case.

Knowing about pet behavior and training can help you build, maintain, and grow the special bond between you and your puppy.

All about puppy behavior and training

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Curbing bad behaviors

Within every shoe-eating, barking-at-everything pup, there’s a well behaved puppyBFF just waiting to come out.

How to help your pup
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Encouraging good behaviors

Sit! Stay! Good puppy! Master the basic commands and you’ll have one well behaved, responsive pup.

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More to know

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Help with housetraining

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Crate training tips

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Does my dog miss me too much?

Dog fighting

Curbing puppy aggression

Dog bite

No more biting or nipping

Dog barking

Dogs sometimes bark a lot

Angry dog

Why are you acting weird?

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