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From their wee nose to their waggly tail, we’re here with love, health, and happiness for your pup.
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0-3 months:
Set your puppy up for success

Bringing home a puppy means bringing home all their joy, curiosity, and furry fun. We’re here to help your lil’ pup grow into a happy and healthy bigger pup ready for action.

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A young puppy

Key health milestones for puppies aged 0-3 months:

Your puppy needs different kinds of care for different ages. Have you completed these health milestones?

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New puppy vaccinations
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Comprehensive exam
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All about puppy wellness

Check out these resources as you learn more about raising your pup at this age.

A dog owner holding her Toy Poodle puppy in her arms and talking to a young female veterinarian at the Banfield Pet Hospital

Puppy vaccinations

Learn which vaccines you should prioritize, when your puppy should get them, and get an idea of how much it will cost.

See more about puppy vaccines
A young girl leaning on her puppy in a park

Prepping for a new puppy

Get our top tips on ways you can welcome your puppy and make their first big day in their new home a success.

See more about puppy prep
Puppy wellness is a great big ball of love, insight, and veterinary care
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Take smart vet care

Our veterinary teams draw on a nationwide network of knowledge to create a petcare plan designed around your pup’s unique health needs.

Why vet care matters
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Add insights into puppy behavior

The right info about pet behavior and training can help you build, maintain, and grow the special bond between you and the dog you love.

Know your pup
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And bring the love

Health, understanding, and happiness are the best foundations for a pet life well lived — for every fun, furry, snuggly-sweet moment you and your doggy BFF share.

Let’s get happy
What other pup things should I know?
A French Bulldog puppy standing by a door and looking back

Help with housetraining

A puppy sniffing a baby

Puppy, meet baby

A family taking their puppy for a walk

Prepare for pup costs

A Corgi puppy nibbling on a black sandal

Help stop bad habits

A puppy lying down on its bed, inside a crate

Crate training tips

A black and white puppy nibbling on its owner's index finger

No more biting or nipping

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