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Veterinary Assistant

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I graduated from Carrington College with a certificate as a veterinary assistant and have an Associates degree in herpetology. I started working for Banfield in 2018 and enjoy focusing on client education and surgical procedures. When I'm not working I like to volunteer my knowledge with reptiles, camping, hiking, attending ice hockey games, listening to 80's music and spending time with my 5 tarantulas, 2 lizards and snake!

About Alura

Associations & certifications

Veterinary Assistant Certificate, Venomous Snake Removal License


Carrington College, Veterinary Assistant; DeVry Associates in Herpetology


She / her

Language fluency

English, Arabic

Personal interests

Hiking, camping, antivenin collection, working with large monitors and alligators/crocodiles, ice hockey games


5 tarantulas, 1 bearded dragon, 1 uromastyx, GHI ball python

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