Dr. Jordan Abernathy, DVM


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Jordan Abernathy, DVM


Hometown - Fayetteville, Arkansas Undergrad - Hendrix College (liberal arts college with BA in Psychology) Developed an interest in veterinary medicine while conducting squirrel research senior year of undergrad. Attended Oxford University while abroad for one year in undergrad, where I studied Shakespearean theory, psychology, and art history. Moved to this area as a military spouse following graduation from veterinary school. Have a husband, one daughter, and one dog.

About Dr. Jordan Abernathy

Associations & certifications

USDA/Aphis accredited


Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Licensed in

North Carolina

Years in practice

2017 - 2021


She / her

Personal interests

Painting, hula hooping, hiking with my daughter, husband, and dog


1 dog

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