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We’re here for the love and happiness of your pet with Optimum Wellness Plans® of preventive care.
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fresh-picked safety tips

Spring is in the air! And so are questionable plants and cleaning supplies. Here’s what to avoid.

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AutoShip aka auto easy

Pet prescriptions to your door, plus 25% OFF your first AutoShip with code AUTOSHIP25. $20 max.

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wellness for the win!

Pet wellness is more than just health — it’s also wags, purrs, and drooly kisses. See how we support it.

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chat with a vet 24/7

With Vet Chat™, you can get pet advice anytime you need it. Cat throwing up at 2 a.m.? Dog suddenly limping?

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the puppy play-by-play

New ball of floof in your life? Learn about vaccines, behavior, spaying, neutering, and more.

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a helping hand

Learn how the Banfield Foundation brings preventive vet care to remote and underserved communities.

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