An orange colored circle with '0-3' written inside it to indicate puppies aged 0-3 monthswhat to know about your 3-month-old puppy

Your puppy’s first year of life is an exciting journey full of learning, growing, loving, and change! From their wee nose to their waggly tail, we’re here with love, health, and happiness for every stage of your dog’s life.

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Your puppy at 0-3 months old:
Help set up your puppy up for health and happiness

Bringing home a puppy means bringing home all their joy, curiosity, and furry fun. We’re here to help your li'l pup grow into a happy and healthy bigger pup ready for action.

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Wellness and vet care for puppies aged 0-3 months

Get ready for your puppy’s first wellness visit and vaccinations! Plus, if your pup’s background is a mystery, consider finding out more about your puppy’s genes.

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All about puppy wellness

Age-specific health and happiness tips to keep in mind as your puppy grows.

Puppy vaccinations

Learn which vaccines you should prioritize, when your puppy should get them, and get an idea of how much it will cost.

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Prepping for a new puppy

Get our top tips on ways you can welcome your puppy and make their first big day in their new home a success.

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Puppy owners, learn even more about the pup you love
Get our top tips on raising a happy puppy
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