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All the ways to get petcare at Banfield®

So many ways to get great petcare at Banfield!

Need a quickie appointment for your pet? A more in-depth meet with your veterinarian about a petcare health concern? How about a dental cleaning? Or vaccinations? Banfield offers a whole variety of different petcare options from location to location — from full-service hospitals to basic wellness care clinics— for you and the pet you love.

Need to shop for petcare supplies? Many of our locations are conveniently located in PetSmart® so you can stock up while your pet gets great care.

Make an appointment at any Banfield location, anytime — your petcare records travel with you!
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Full service Banfield locations

Our full-service locations offer veterinary wellness care like comprehensive exams, vaccinations, parasite control, and more, plus more complex veterinary diagnostics and treatments. See a full list of our services

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Express Banfield locations

Our quick-service Express clinics are a great option for routine wellness care like vaccinations, SNAP tests, deworming, parasite checks, health certificates, and writing prescriptions.

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Dental cleanings at select Banfield locations

Help your pet avoid painful gum inflammation and tooth loss with a professional tooth cleaning that cleans above and below the gumline.

See why professional dental cleaning matters

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Banfield mobile wellness clinics

We’re trying something new! Our mobile van clinics are now delivering great care in select areas. Take a look — one may be parked right near you.

Learn more about Banfield mobile clinics

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Pet wellness is a wonderful thing

Set a foundation for health and happiness with your furry bundle of joy.
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