Banfield’s here for your pet’s whole health journey, with the advice and resources you need to make the most of every moment you spend with your special kittyBAE.

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Smart vet care

Our veterinary teams draw on a nationwide network of knowledge to create a petcare plan designed around your kitten’s unique health needs.

Why vet care matters

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Insights into cat behavior

The right info about cat behavior can help you build, maintain, and grow the special bond between you and the kitten you love.

What to know about kitties

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Delicious, nutritious food

It’s amazing how a quality diet can help every inch of your kitty, from their little pink nose to their soft and pettable coat to a happier litterbox.

How and what to feed your kitty

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Helpful stuff and supplies

Get help figuring out what your kitty needs, so you can skip spending the time (and money) on stuff you don’t.

What you need for kittens

All about cat health and happiness

Kitten vaccinations

Which vaccines does your kitten need, when should they get them, and how much will it cost?

See kitten vaccines

Welcoming your kitten

Get our top tips on how to plan a happy, healthy welcome for your new kittyBAE from the very first day.

How to get ready

More to know


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Optimum Wellness Plan®

Affordable packages of smart, high-quality preventive petcare to help keep your pet happy and healthy.
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