Info on ticks and pets

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Help prevent a tick infestation

Ticks are gross and carry deadly diseases.

Keep ticks away

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Avoid these tick-borne diseases

Hint: Parasite control is key.

Control ticks now

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What to know about Lyme disease

Spot the symptoms and how to help. Learn about Lyme

Common questions

A:If you see fleas or ticks on your pet, contact your veterinary team right away. They’ll work with you to treat your pet and home, as well as come up with a prevention plan to avoid any future infestations.  
A:Fleas and ticks are harmful to cats and dogs — and people. They can bring about a variety of symptoms and diseases that range from annoying to life-threatening for your pet. Plus, they can also carry bacteria or viruses that are harmful to you, your pets, and your family.
A:Unfortunately, there aren’t any effective natural remedies for fleas and ticks. Your best bet is contacting your veterinary team and devising a plan to treat the current infestation and protect your pet in the future.
A:This depends on what species of tick it is. Some types can stay attached for days or even weeks.
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Parasites on the prowl

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More about pet health

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Banfield’s guide to skin rashes

Causes and symptoms of skin rashes.

Read about rashes

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Flea-borne diseases to avoid

Prevention is your best bet.

Spot the symptoms

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Ear care for dogs and cats

Help for ear mites and ear infections in pets.

All about ears


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