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Help your pet live their happiest, healthiest life.

Our team of veterinarians put together the following pages of info, tips, and tricks on how to best care for your furball. From teeth brushing and heartworm to ear infections and tick control, we hope they make your pet’s wellness journey a little easier.

Dental care and oral health

Dental disease affects more than 75% of the dogs and 65% of the cats we see at Banfield. Good brushing and regular dental cleanings can help. See why dental care matters

More about dental care and oral health for Cats Dogs

Dental disease in dogs and cats

Danger signs that may mean pain or infection.

How to brush dog (and cat!) teeth

Yes, you can do it! See our step-by-step tips.

Professional dental cleanings

How and why dental cleanings can help oral health.

Diet and nutrition

What you feed your cat and dog matters. We've got info on everything from understanding pet food labels to managing your pet's weight. Get the details on diet and nutrition

More about diet and nutrition for Cats Dogs

A guide to pet food allergies

Ingredients and symptoms to look out for.

How to read pet food labels

Yes, you can do it! See our step-by-step tips.

All about quality pet food

Follow these mealtime guidelines for your furball.

Skin and coat care

Your pet’s fuzzy outside can tip you off to some common health problems. Find out if it could be parasites, allergies, or something else. All about skin and coat

More about skin and coat care for Cats Dogs

Why is my pet so itchy?

Scratching can mean fleas, allergies, or infections.

Is pet shedding normal?

Top reasons for pet shedding.

Home skin and coat care

Hands-on tips for bath time, tackling fleas, and more.

Ear care

Is your dog pawing at their ears or shaking their head? Are you seeing brown gunk in your cat’s ear canal? It might be time to see the vet. Ear info, this way

More about ear care for Cats Dogs

Does your dog have an ear infection?

Symptoms of dog ear infections.

Ear yeast infections in dogs

Yeast in dog ears can cause a big problem.

How to clean cat ears

A step-by-step guide to help you and your cat.

First aid and urgent care

Get guidance on basic first aid, tips on disaster preparedness, and info on when to seek veterinary care (and if it’s urgent!). Learn about first aid and urgent care

Cat and dog first aid kits

Have the right supplies on hand — just to be safe.

When to call the vet

Signs your furball needs help (and if it's urgent!).

Know what's poisonous to pets

Avoid these foods, chemicals, and more.


Vaccines can help your pet’s immune system fight off kennel cough, feline leukemia, and other preventable diseases. Here’s what to know about vaccines

All about vaccinations

Get answers to FAQs about timing, safety, and more.

Two people going on a walk with a puppy

Puppy and dog vaccinations

From rabies and lepto to Bordetella and DAPP.

Dog vaccine info

A man carrying a cat in a crate

Kitten and cat vaccinations

Help protect your fluffy friend from infectious diseases.

Cat vaccine info


Parasites are bad news for pets — and not so great for you either. Learn about types of parasites, symptoms, and more. Get prepped on parasites

More about parasites for Cats Dogs

Internal parasites in cats and dogs

Little worms. Big health risks.

External parasites in dogs and cats

The truth about fleas, ticks, and mites.

Single-celled parasites in pets

Symptoms, treatment, and prevention.


They may be tiny little insects, but fleas can be a big threat to your pet’s health and happiness. We’ll help you avoid them and get rid of them. Fight those fleas

More about fleas for Cats Dogs

How to get rid of fleas

Treatments for your pet and the environment. 

Flea control for dogs and cats (and you)

Because fleas can make life miserable.

Flea-borne diseases to avoid

Prevention is your best bet.


Ticks love to latch on and suck blood from you and your pets. Find out about tick control, prevention, and treatment. Get insight on ticks

More about ticks for Cats Dogs

Help prevent a tick infestation

Ticks are gross and carry deadly diseases.

Avoid these tick-borne diseases

Hint: Parasite control is key.

What to know about Lyme disease

Spot the symptoms and know how to help.


Dogs and cats of all ages are at risk for worms. If you spot any symptoms, your pet needs veterinarian care. What to know about worms

More about worms for Cats Dogs

Heartworm disease in dogs and cats

Prevention is paramount.

Hookworm infection in pets

Hookworm can be life-threatening.

Tapeworms in dogs and cats

Find out if your pet needs a trip to the vet.

Mites and mange

We can help your pet with mites — including those that cause sarcoptic mange (or scabies) and demodectic mange. Manage mites and mange

Demodectic mange in dogs and cats

Symptoms, treatment, and more.

Sarcoptic mange in dogs and cats

Scabies is highly contagious.

Ear mites in dogs and cats

Tiny parasites that can be a big problem.

 Puppy with people love health and happiness


Pet wellness is pet love

Pet wellness is more than just health. It’s wags and purrs every single time they see you. It’s hangouts on the couch, evening strolls, wet kisses, and warm hugs. No matter what life brings, your pet is there for you. Wellness care is our way of helping you be there for them. 

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