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Every pet, every heart, every day.
That’s why Banfield Pet Hospital® is here.

We are a practice powered by more than 3,600 veterinarians who have dedicated their careers to helping pets. Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1955, Banfield is now the leading provider of preventive veterinary care in the U.S. with more than 1,000 hospitals in neighborhoods across the country and Puerto Rico. In 2007, Banfield joined the Mars, Incorporated family of businesses, uniting our team of passionate professionals under a shared purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS.

When it comes to your pet’s care, we know you need a trusted partner. It’s why we offer Optimum Wellness Plans® (OWPs), which enable us to develop partnerships with our clients, while delivering customized, high-quality preventive care for every pet’s unique needs throughout life. Our OWP clients can also take advantage of Vet Chat™, our 24/7 live vet advice service, as well as virtual office visits. We take a proactive approach to veterinary medicine aimed at early diagnosis and supporting overall pet health by focusing on five categories of life stage wellness — primary care, preventable disease, oral health, mobility and nutrition.

As a principle-based organization, we believe it’s equally important to support the health, safety and wellbeing of our more than 19,000 Associates. Banfield is a community of people characterized by diversity of thought, background, preferences and approach, and part of building a culture that puts our people first involves creating a space where our Associates’ voices are heard, supported and acted on. Our commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity, drives our decisions as a company, so we can create a brighter future for our people, pets and society. 

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Lots of love, care, and expertise goes into everything we do at Banfield.
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Our Five Principles


The consumer is our boss, quality is our work and value for money is our goal.


As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as Associates, we support the responsibilities of others.


A mutual benefit is a shared benefit; a shared benefit will endure.


We use resources to the full, waste nothing and do only what we can do best.


We need freedom to shape our future; we need profit to remain free.

Giving back makes our tails wag

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Wellness of our people and the profession

Through preventive care education and programs like student debt relief, we support our Associates and the future of a diverse veterinary profession.

Wellness of pets

From delivering preventive care to the most vulnerable pets and nurturing the pet-human bond, we lend a helping paw.

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Wellness of communities

We volunteer our time, talent and services at a variety of rescues, shelters and nonprofit organizations.

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