All about pets and parasites

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Internal parasites in dogs and cats

Little worms. Big health risks.

Keep parasites away

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External parasites in dogs and cats

The truth about fleas, ticks, and mites.

Get the truth

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Symptoms of parasites in cats

From fleas and ticks to worms and heartworm. Spot the signs

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Symptoms of parasites in dogs

Know the signs and how to help. Spot the signs

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Single-celled parasites in pets

Symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Everything you need to know

Common questions

A:Yes and no. There are very few that you can see, but most you won’t even know are hanging around. It’s a good idea to have a regular fecal examination by your veterinarian to ensure your pet didn’t get exposed to a parasite.
A:Even indoor-only pets can be at risk for parasites. Fleas and ticks can hitch a ride on any other animal or person to get inside the home. Exposure to internal parasites can occur from eating flies or fleas, being bit by a mosquito, or contacting contaminated debris brought in on shoes or by your outdoor pets. If any pet goes outside, this only increases the chances of coming into contact with one of these pests.

Your pet will be safe from further exposure immediately after deworming treatment, but consistent preventive efforts are the only way to keep your pet healthy and safe from exposure.

  • Pick up after your pet, even in your own yard. Stool may contain the eggs of worms and is a common source of infection.
  • Wildlife poses a high risk of exposure to parasites, so minimize or eliminate the potential for your pet to encounter wildlife.
  • Regular prophylactic deworming (included in your pet’s Optimum Wellness Plan)
  • Several monthly heartworm preventive options also provide intestinal deworming to treat any accidental exposures and help prevent heavy infestations.
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Parasites on the prowl

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More about pet health

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Symptoms of skin and coat problems

Does your pet have unusual skin issues?

Spot the symptoms

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Home skin and coat care

Hands-on tips for bath time, tackling fleas, and more.

Take care of your pet

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Why is my pet so itchy?

Scratching can mean fleas, allergies, or infections.

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