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We’re here for love, health, and happiness that goes beyond the walls of our Banfield locations. We're here because wellness makes pets and people happy. Want to see how? Just watch Milo.
Watch Milo’s wellness journey

Wellness is a great big ball of love, insight, and veterinary care

Banfield’s here for your pet’s whole health journey, with the advice and resources you need to make the most of every moment you spend with your favorite fuzzball.

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Take smart vet care

Our veterinary teams draw on a nationwide network of knowledge to create a petcare plan designed around your pet’s unique health needs.

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Add insights into pet behavior

The right info about pet behavior and training can help you build, maintain, and grow the special bond between you and the pet you love.

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And bring the love

Health, understanding, and happiness are the best foundations for a pet life well lived — for every fun, furry, snuggly-sweet moment you and your BFF share.

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Optimum Wellness Plans®

Smart, affordable petcare packages.

A West Highland Terrier getting its teeth brushed in a bathtub

Teeth and dental care

How to take care of your pet’s cute smile.

A dog and a cat eating from their food bowls

Diet and nutrition

What to know about what your pet is eating.

Puppy hub

Everything for your little doggyBFF, all in one place — growing, pooping, barking, eating, training, and so much more.

Pop over to the puppy hub

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Two veterinarians examining a dog's ear at the Banfield Pet Hospital

Let’s hear it for ears

Stop bad things from happening to good ears.

A young female veterinarian examining a cat at the Banfield Pet Hospital

Emergency and first aid

Get your pet the help they need.

A curious dog looking towards the camera while its owner is seen sitting in the background

Parasites literally suck

Help your pet with fleas, ticks, worms, and more.

A family of three bathing their Terrier McFadden

Skin and coat care

What’s happening under the floof?

A cat owner carrying her cat in a crate

Spay and neuter

Why is spaying and neutering good?

A young male veterinarian holding a cat at the Banfield Pet Hospital

Vaccinations for pets

Protection against deadly diseases.

What does it mean to be well?

It means hugs and loves. It means health and happiness, hand in hand. To be well means caring about their wellness in every stage of life. We’re here for them, because they’re here for us — just ask Milo.

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