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Optimum Wellness Plans®
for dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens

Banfield’s here with smart, affordable wellness care packages for the pet you love

Check out the video below to learn about these year-long packages of high-quality, preventive petcare.  

Not insurance – it’s an Optimum Wellness Plan

Your pet’s OWP helps make petcare easier. With insurance, you pay a premium and hope your pet’s services are reimbursed. With an OWP, you pay in monthly or yearly installments for a package of preventive care services like vaccines, physical exams, and more.

OWP packages designed for all ages and stages

We offer a range of OWPs designed for different needs, ages, and lifestyles, from fuzzy puppies to senior statescats. Plus, you always get a one-on-one consult with a Banfield vet when you enroll your pet for an OWP, so you can feel sure you’re getting the right package of services for your furry friend.

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Introducing Banfield virtual visits

Let’s face it — our pets don’t want to go to the vet. They’d rather be lazy couch loafs. The good news is that our virtual petcare services let you speak to a veterinary professional from the comfort of your home, so you can continue treating your furry pal like the king or queen they are.

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Included in every OWP package

Your pet’s OWP is good at over 1,000 Banfield locations nationwide. With online access to pet medical records, payment info, and appointments through our MyBanfield site or app, you’re always just a few clicks away from your Banfield.

OWP virtual services

 orange check mark Virtual office visits

Your time is valuable and going to the vet can be stressful. A virtual visit with your Banfield veterinary team means you can virtually meet with them from the comfort of your home.

 orange check mark 24/7 Pet Chat™

Have questions about your pet’s health or well-being? Whether it's 3 a.m. or 3 p.m., connect with a real veterinary professional on your phone or computer to get immediate petcare advice — and peace of mind.

 orange check mark Pet Wellness 1:1

Have nutrition and weight questions for your pet? Wondering if your cat is getting extra chonky? Your OWP includes a 1:1 nutrition coaching session with a trained advisor.

OWP complete services

 orange check mark Smart, affordable preventive petcare

Our OWP packages are designed for wellness to help your pet stay happy and healthy.

 orange check mark Unlimited office visits

With an OWP, you'll never see an unexpected extra "office visit" fee on your bill.

 orange check mark Comprehensive exams

Nose to tail evaluations of hearts, ears, eyes, tummies, tushes, and more.

 orange check mark Routinely recommended vaccinations

Help protect your pet against illnesses and disease with vaccinations and boosters.

 orange check mark Diagnostic testing

OWPs include blood tests, radiology, and other routine testing to help you know what’s normal for your pet, and what isn’t.

 orange check mark Fecal exams

Your pet’s poop can be a great source of information about parasite infestations and other issues.

 orange check mark Affordable payments

Pay yearly, or divide your total OWP payment into 12 easy monthly payments, with no interest fees.

 orange check mark OWP-based discount

Get a discount on many Banfield products and services not included in your pet's OWP.

 orange check mark Options to easily add parasite control

Talk to your vet about the right parasite control for fleas, ticks, and more — and even add the cost to your monthly OWP payment.

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Get a deal when you add a pet

If you have a dog or cat on an active Optimum Wellness Plan, you’re eligible for a great discount. Get $15 off OWP enrollment for any additional dogs or cats. Log in to your MyBanfield account, enroll additional pets on a plan, and your discount will be automatically applied at checkout. Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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