Dog eating food

quality diet and nutrition for pets

What you feed your BFF is really important for their health and happiness.

Sorting through pet food information can feel like a lot. In additional to basic nutrition, your pet may have special dietary needs or food allergies, or be a finicky eater. Portion control can also be a challenge, especially if your pet needs to lose a little weight. Puppies, kittens, older pets, active pets, great big pets, smaller pets — they all have different dietary and portion needs. We’ve compiled out best tips to help you navigate the pet food aisle.

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How Banfield can help

If you find navigating pet diets a challenge, reach out to your veterinary team. We can suggest a quality diet designed for your pet’s age, weight, and activity level — plus advise on diet ingredients, provide tips on managing blood sugar for diabetic pets, and provide insights on helping your pet reach a healthier, happier weight.

One thing your quality pet diet will not include? Table scraps! People food isn’t designed for pets — sorry furry buddies, it’s for your own good!