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Dog eating food

Did you know that your dog or cat’s wellness has a big connection to the food they eat?

The right pet food is all about better overall health and well-being. Your pet has nutritional and dietary needs for their best life, just like you do — and even the scroungiest garbage hound can absolutely benefit from a well-balanced diet and good nutrition. Is your doggyBFF of kittyBAE a finicky eater, have food allergies, or carrying a little too much around the middle? Your veterinary team can help you with pet nutritional needs, diet ingredients, and a healthier, happier weight.

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For best results, put your pet on a veterinarian-approved regime — and, no matter how your beloved BFF begs, stick to it.

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Your dogBFF needs a doggy-specific diet

All the reasons humans love food — it’s fatty, salty, sweet, or exotic — are the same reasons why you shouldn’t feed people food to your dog. Your BFF’s digestive system isn’t built for table scraps and human snacks, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and other health issues for your canine friend.

Cat eating

Your kittyBAE thrives best on cat-specific foods

Felines are often finicky – and so are their digestive systems. That’s why you should absolutely not feed them people food. Many foods humans eat are actually toxic for cats, and even a small, bite-sized amount can lead to a life-threatening situation.

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