Connecting cultures to help pets

The pets you love count on you. Because as good as they might be at taking care of themselves, they need your help, too.

That’s why you’re there for them, every day. Caring for them, loving them, feeding them a complete diet, making sure they get exercise and play time, keeping their teeth and coats healthy. You and Banfield, working together to help keep pets healthy and happy, year-round.

We’re here for every pet and every pet owner, and we’re committed to building a culture of inclusion and diversity for clients and our teams. And as we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month from coast to coast, we want to make sure you all know about Banfield’s over-the-phone interpretation services, available at our hospitals, in Spanish and hundreds of other languages.

Banfield launched the interpretation program with guidance from the associate-led Latinx diversity resource group at Banfield called Unidos, which is committed to influencing and strengthening Banfield’s relationship with the Latinx community.

“By creating ways for our teams to interact with clients in their preferred language, we have a greater ability to enhance the quality care that is provided to their pet,” says Taneeka Bautista, DVM, and a Director of Veterinary Quality at Banfield.

Communication makes a real & positive difference

Pet lovers everywhere have many ways to communicate with the pets we love. We talk, we fake-meow, we make those cute kissing noises. Each of us finds a way to connect with our pets. Whether they respond, well, that’s a different matter entirely.

But when pet owners are speaking with veterinary teams about pets and petcare, communication is an absolute must.

Our interpretation program enables Banfield to provide more culturally competent veterinary care to clients by ensuring those who don’t speak English understand their pet’s diagnosis and treatment needs.

“Interpretation helps us connect with our clients in ways that allow us to care for their pets,” says David Soto, a Field Director for Banfield in New England and a member of Banfield’s Unidos resource group.

AnnaMarie Espinosa, Practice Manager at Banfield Pet Hospital of North Richland Hills, Texas, and also a member of Unidos at Banfield, agrees: “The translation service has made an impeccable difference in day to day client communication. Clients are so grateful and appreciative that Banfield offers this service."

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