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You might know this feeling: you instantly fall in love with every pet you see, which sorta, kinda means you want to adopt every pet you see. Since that’s not an incredibly practical option, here’s an alternative: Temporarily foster a pet. It lets you change an animal's life in the short term while they get ready for their forever home.

Get your home in gear

Before you get the fostering going in full swing, you might want to ask yourself, Is my home ready for a new pet? Over time, you get comfortable in your space and can overlook things that could be dangerous for an animal who is unfamiliar with your home. Try to look at your place through their very lovable eyes.

A house plant, for example, might be harmless to you, but many are poisonous if eaten by pets. The common Aloe Vera can cause serious digestive problems if eaten by a cat. And while wires are needed for all our electronic appliances, toys, and gadgets, pets sometimes see them more as chew toys and we don’t want that. If you need a quick fix for wires, grab some PVC pipes and toss all the loose wires in there. Voila!

Talk it over amongst yourselves

Another big consideration: How will a new four-legged friend affect the lives of family members, housemates, or current pets? Sometimes it’s as simple as sitting with your family/housemates and getting their opinions on bringing a foster pet into the home.

For your current pets, think about how they react and respond to other animals. It is important to provide a happy and safe environment for your new pet. The best way to ensure this is to have everyone on the same page before your foster pet walks through the door.

Open your heart and your home

Foster homes play a vital role in a rescued pet’s journey. This could be the first time a human has spent enough time with them to learn about their unique personality. Some dogs, for example, find a shelter experience to be overwhelming and may have signs of “shelter stress,” often making them tentative about getting out of their shell. In many cases, a foster home may be a good option. Foster dogs tend to socialize better and have less stress than shelter dogs, and they also have a lower chance of getting sick.

As you prepare to bring a foster pet into your home, you might be concerned about the added cost. In these times, that’s always a real concern. But in many cases, rescue groups will provide a variety of initial supplies that will make the financial burden far lighter. Some might even help with providing things like food, a crate, toys, and access to veterinary care.

bhere for foster petcare

Rescued and shelter pets often need a little extra loving from a veterinarian, especially in the beginning. Make sure to reach out to your Banfield veterinary team to help keep your newest addition happy and healthy. When your pet is ready for their check-up, schedule an appointment with us.

The greatest thing about fostering is you get the chance to really change an animal’s life, simply by loving them. It’s truly a win-win. After an extended period of time, though, it is very possible that you will want to adopt this furry new friend. If you happen to fall in love, Banfield is here to help you keep your new pet healthy and happy.

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