Picking the perfect pet

No matter which pet you get, adopting is a life-altering (in a good way!) decision. From goldfish to full grown Mastiffs, animals need our love, care, and attention to live happy and healthy lives. So, as with any long-term relationship, the focus at the start is all about compatibility.

Say, while browsing pet adoption sites for the millionth time, you find the cutest pup you’ve ever seen. You want it, bad. So, what are some things that can (and maybe should) hold you back from immediately clicking that “adopt” button?

Match your digs

Living arrangement can play a huge role in a pet’s happiness. Indoor cats, for one, are fine meandering through a house during the course of a day. They’re the perfect pet for an apartment as they are more than content living a life indoors. Most large dog breeds, purebred or not, can’t stay house-bound for long. They need space to run around and play.

If you’re enjoying apartment life and looking for a dog, something small like a Boston Terrier might be more your speed. These American Gentlemen (probably the cutest nickname for a breed) do need some activity but they can also binge some TV with you, too. See? Compatible!

Match your lifestyle

Do you enjoy traveling for fun? Or, should we say, do you look forward to traveling for fun again when we get back to a safer, more normal world? Join the club. Right now, most of us are spending as much time at home as possible. But if you plan to travel in the future, you might want a BFF who’s up for adventure.

The noble, loyal, and immensely handsome Shiba Inu, for example, would make a great activity buddy. Another breed perfect for outdoor fun is the Labrador Retriever. These intelligent canines are happy to hike with you, run with you, or splash in a pretty mountain lake.

Match your household

Got a family? Jack Russell Terriers are highly social and might go crazy (or might drive you crazy) if left alone too long, making them great for households with kids. Those little fur-balls of energy are practically begging for well-behaved children to play with. And in addition to having the cutest booties in the canine world, Corgis can also be great for families. Hilarious and playful, Corgis are happy to get worn out, right by your side.

Another great option could be an Australian Shepherd. Aussies can also be adept workers, as they were first bred to help herd sheep, meaning they can be as helpful as they are loveable.

Keep an open mind

Like people, all dogs have different personalities and their traits will vary both from breed to breed and dog to dog. Take into account the different genetic possibilities in a non-purebred dog and you’ll realize how truly varied the species can be.

Adopting a pet into your life – dog, cat, reptile, or whatever else – is a big decision. But, by doing some research and talking to your Banfield veterinary team, you can ensure that you and your new bundle of fuzzy joy will be happy for years to come. And when you’re ready, help keep that new pet healthy and happy with a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan®, which bundles together a year's worth of preventive pet care services, including physical exams and vaccinations, for significant savings.

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