cool treats for cool cats

bcreative: cool treats for cool cats

We recently shared a recipe for dog biscuits, so it’s only fair that we share one for the purry, pouncy cat in the family. These easy, tuna-based cold treats are especially good for summer. Just mix them up, let them chill, and get ready to serve a special snack!

Yes, you read that right ­– it turns out that cats like cool treats in hot weather just like people do. In fact, many cats appreciate a few ice cubes in their water dish when the temperature soars. Fresh cool water is always the purr-fect drink of choice for even the pickiest feline.

But enough about water, let's get to the treats!

Ingredients & directions

  • 1 hard-boiled egg
  • ½ cup honey
  • 1  carrot, grated into strips
  • 6-ounce can of tuna (in water, not oil)

Mash up the hard-boiled egg in a bowl. Add honey, carrot slices, and tuna, mix well, and roll into marble-sized balls or “puffs.” Place the puffs in an airtight container (and always keep refrigerated). They will chill and become solid “pops.” Serve and watch the fun! (Serving sizes: 1 puff pop for an adult cat; 1/2 puff pop for a kitten.)

This recipe calls for a small amount of sticky honey to hold the pops together – but it’s the egg and tuna combo that’s the real treat. Cats don’t naturally seek out sugar in the wild, and there’s no nutritional need to add any to their diet.

As far as calories go, these puffs are treats, not meals. And if you’re watching your pet’s weight, you can still have fun: just make smaller treats, and serve them less often.

Carrots for crunch

It turns out that both cats and dogs enjoy the crispy crunch of a nice clean carrot. In this case, we added it to the soft and savory proteins cats love.

Keep it clean

We suggest serving these puff pops on a flat, easy-to-clean surface, or in your cat’s bowl. And always watch your cat as they enjoy – first of all, it’s fun! And second, if they decide to pick up and take their treats somewhere secret, you can grab anything left over before it gets funky.

Hot weather tips for cats

We always recommend keeping cats inside, no matter the weather. On very hot days, even shady places can be hot enough for pets to overheat, and you should watch for signs of heatstroke (e.g., excessive or exaggerated panting, lethargy, weakness, drooling, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting, drooling, unresponsiveness to commands and surroundings, collapse, staring/anxious expression, warm/dry skin), just in case.

Most importantly, make sure your cat’s water bowls are always full. Stay cool and enjoy!