Cat with tongue out

for the love of black cats

Poor black cats. For centuries, they’ve been considered symbols of bad luck, evil omens, or witches. The truth is, black cats are like any other cat! They can be sweet and loving and the perfect companion for your household. Here are a few reasons why black cats are the bee’s knees.

They’re beautiful 

Black cat hair is GORGEOUS. Just picture: A black cat lying in the window, its silky hair glistening in the sun, and its stunning marble-like yellow, green, or blue eyes staring at you. Black cats look like mini panthers gliding around your house through an air of mystery and magic. Plus, they liven up any photograph!

They’re unique

Did you know there are 22 breeds of cats with black coats? Some of these breeds include the American Shorthair, Bombay, Devon Rex, Maine Coon, Persian, Scottish Fold, Siberian, and more. Some of them have wiry hair, long hair, grayish black hair, brownish black hair, patterns, no tail, stubby tail — the list goes on and on. Each black cat is special in its own way. 

They’re ready to love

Because black cats often get a raw deal, you might find they’re more readily available at your local animal shelter. In fact, August 17 is Adopt a Black Cat Day to help all the little sweeties find their furever homes. If you’re looking to bring a cat into your home, consider a black cat!