Pets dressed for Halloween

halloween costumes and your pets

Halloween is just around the corner, which mean pets owners everywhere are rejoicing! (And pets are running for the hills.) With pet costumes now available at most big box stores, it’s really difficult not to subject your sweet and patient pet to the indignities of a clown costume.  
But just because you can dress up your pet for Halloween, it doesn’t mean you should ignore safety measures. Below are a few tips to remember when gussying up your pet.  


While most pet costumes are designed to be safe for your little cutie, it’s still important to ensure that they’re not wearing anything that’s too restrictive (that especially goes for homemade costumes). You don’t want to constrict your pet’s airways or ability to walk. Everything that your pet does on a daily basis — walk, bark, eat, drink, etc. — they should still be able to do.  

Avoid the hangy bits  

Nix the little pieces. While accessories like sequins might add a pop of flair to your dog’s ensemble, they can also pose as a swallowing or choking hazard, and they can possibly hurt your pet’s skin. Other things to stay clear of: beads, cords, buttons, loose fabric, strings, and capes. Even if your pet is OK wearing the costume, watch out for other pets. Costumes can be very confusing to doggos and they might view them as an opportunity to eat something new.  

Try alternatives  

If your pet looks or acts miserable in their costume, don’t push them. There are plenty of additional options to keep up the Halloween spirit. Try a spooky-themed bandana, hat, or collar. Or, if you ferry your pet in a stroller or pet backpack, consider decorating their mode of transportation. And make sure you don’t take your pet’s tags off, especially if you leave the house.  
Have a fun and safe Halloween!