Dog drinking from a water bottle.

summer safety tips for your pet

While summer is undeniably a time for fun, it also comes with extreme heat and bountiful bugs. Luckily, there are a few easy-peasy things you can do to make sure your pup or cat are safe during the sunny days.  

Gulp Gulp Gulp 

First things first: Hydrate! Make sure your pet always has access to plenty of fresh, cool water. When temperatures rise they’ll need 3—4 times the amount of water they typically drink, so make sure to keep checking that bowl. You can also offer an ice cube as an additional way to ensure they’re staying hydrated.

Remember: Dogs and cats don’t sweat, so don’t discourage all that drooly panting your dog is doing. This is how they cool down. If you’re road tripping, remember to carry plenty of clean water and a travel bowl. Avoid letting your dog lap up stagnant or puddle water — it’s sometimes full of icky stuff — or guzzle saltwater from the ocean.  

Cars Get Hot. Very Hot.  

Nope, don’t even think about leaving your pal in the car to run those errands — no, not even with a couple cracked windows. Even if it doesn’t feel too hot outside, the inside of a car can quickly reach dangerous levels of heat. We’re talking 70° outside equals 104° inside in just 30 minutes. Your groceries can wait. Your laundry can wait. Take your pet with you or leave them in a cool, comfy home.  

Battle All the Bugs 

When the heat is on, your dog or cat becomes extra susceptible to pesky parasites. Whether they’re fleas, ticks, or beyond, these bugs can cause your pet everything from incessant itching to something potentially life-threatening. Preventing parasites is always easier and less costly than treating them. Thankfully, there’s a wide variety of parasite control options out there — from topicals to collars to chewables. Ask your Banfield veterinary team what will work best for your furry friend. 

A Few More “Cool” Tips 

  • Avoid long walks or hikes during the middle of the day when it’s hottest
  • If the ground is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for a paw!
  • Make sure your dog or cat always has access to a shady spot
  • Keep up with regular grooming (less hair=less heat)
  • Lay out damp towels for you pal to cool off on
  • Watch out for sunburn – especially with white-haired pets or pets with thin hair coats
  • Look into pet-safe sunscreen — yes it’s a thing — if your furry friend spends tons of time in the sun 


Now, enjoy your summer! Throw on some shades, kick back, and have the best summer ever with your pet.