Cat playing with dog on floor

what does your pet’s sign say about them?

Does your Taurus love to snuggle? Does your Gemini leave toys in odd places? We’ve got the scoop on pet horoscopes. 


(Dec 22—Jan 19):  Capricorns are teacher’s pets…literally! They love to get your attention at any cost, but they’ll also be your #1 cheerleader. They’re easily susceptible to FOMO and love playing with their fellow furballs.  


(Jan 20—Feb 18): Aquarius pets are truly one-of-a-kind. They are often in their own world, staring at the clouds and acting like a loveable weirdo. They have endless love to give and can help put a smile on your face when you need it most.  


(Feb 19—Mar 20): These drama kings and queens are big clowns with their own funny way of cheering you up. They have no boundaries, which means they love playtime with just about everyone and everything.   


(Mar 21—Apr 19): Your furball loves attention and is not afraid to demand it. They’re easily bored and are willing to go on an adventure (or get into something naughty). With an Aries you know exactly what you’re going to get, which is a boisterous, loveable goofball who wants to be in the middle of it all.  


(Apr 20—May 20): Taurus pets are complete snugglebugs. They love to be at home with their favorite people and hang out on the couch. They’re not big on change and prefer routine and stability. They may be a bit stubborn and stuck in their ways, but they're always devoted.  


(May 21—Jun 21): You never know what you'll get with a Gemini, but at least you’ll always know it’s something fun. They’re goofy and have big personalities that charm the pants off everyone who meets them. They’re mischievous and passionate, but their cuteness prevents you from getting too upset about the sock they destroyed.   


(Jun 22—Jul 22): Cancer cuties may appear standoffish, but deep down they’re a big pile of softness. They often like being alone, but they’re also loyal companions. They find comfort in being active and being around their favorite people.  


(Jul 23—Aug 22): Having a Leo means managing a big personality—Leos don't suffer from low confidence. They love being the leader of the pack and interacting with others. They might strut around like they own the place, but secretly they love to relax and watch the birds fly by.  


(Aug 23—Sep 22): These neat freaks keep their bowls squeaky clean and always love lending a helping paw. They’re obedient and love a good head scratch, but they don’t really understand privacy and will often be in your face with a kiss or belly rub request.   


(Sep 23—Oct 22): Libras are lovebugs who hate being alone. They enjoy curling up on your bed or the couch and being around their community. They also love being pampered! These friendly furballs are known for being door greeters and having difficulty making up their minds.  


(Oct 23—Nov 22): Ever feel like your pet is staring through you? They’re probably a Scorpio. While Scorpios might be intense and stoic, they’re loyal and content by your side. They love nothing more than sleeping close to you. They’re also danger adverse and thunder is no match for their bravery.  


(Nov 23—Dec 21): Like Geminis and Leos, Sagittarius sweeties are known for being easily excited and wanting to be a part of the action. They’re born explorers who love a good adventure. With a Sagittarius, you have a big personality on your hands, but they’ll always keep you entertained and charmed.