Owner and dog looking at phone

say hello to Banfield virtual petcare

We’ve got big news! Based on feedback from customers, and our own experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re adding even more services for convenience, accessibility, safety, value, and connection to every new and renewing Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan® (OWP).

Your pet's OWP already helps to keep your BFF healthy and happy with packaged high-quality petcare – at a significantly discounted price. Now, starting October 13, 2020, new and renewing Optimum Wellness Plans will include Banfield virtual petcare, three virtual ways you can choose to connect with us for quality veterinary care – safely, easily, and from the comfort of your own home.

Get virtual with your veterinary team

» Virtual office visits. With virtual office visits, your pet gets the care and attention they need, and you get quality petcare from your living room, with no travel required.

So that’s why we’re adding 2 virtual office visits to every OWP. Does your pet need a quick check-up, or a follow-up appointment from their procedure? Once your plan renews, just contact your Banfield location to see if a virtual visit makes sense. If it does, follow your team’s directions to make a virtual appointment – and get ready for a one-on-one video conference call with your veterinary team, starring you and your pet.

» Vet Chat™ — now with video upload. We’ve heard from you loud and clear: you love our 24/7 veterinary advice service, available on all devices from phones to tablets to laptops. And we think you'll find it even more useful with new video upload capabilities.

Maybe your pet is doing something – or ate something – strange, and you’re concerned? Now you can upload a video of your pet to get the guidance and advice you need for peace of mind.

» Pet Wellness 1-1. You’ve mentioned that you’d like more individual guidance on specific petcare concerns. So check this out: now our OWPs also include an individual phone coaching session on nutrition with a trained petcare advisor.

Petcare and advice – in person, online, on the phone, or via chat

Get ready for even more connection, because virtual petcare features are automatically included in every new and renewed Optimum Wellness Plan. (New to Banfield, or have a new pet? Get an OWP started for your pet today.)

Pets are here for us every day, putting a smile on our face when we need it most. Now, no matter what’s happening at home or in the world, we’re here with features and services to help you get the petcare you need, when and how you need it most.