three cutest things about bunnies

Loving dogs and cats is great, but sometimes it’s just not enough for all of us pet lovers. C’mon, you know there are some other amazing animals in the world, too. Like, for example, rabbits!

One of our favorite “bun” fans is the Banfield Foundation’s own Lane Murphy. When she’s not busy managing the foundation’s grant programs, she’s busy thinking about, caring for, and just really loving rabbits.

So that gave us an idea: Let’s ask Lane about the three cutest things rabbits do. And guess what? Lane obliged (obvs.). So here we go!

They’re great communicators!

Bunnies may be silent, but they have all sorts of ways to communicate with you and each other. Their ears, body positioning, and even foot thumping can tell you exactly what they think. It’s very obvious when my rabbits want a bite of the apple I’m eating. They’ll follow me around the house and stand up on their hind legs to reach up closer to my snack! And when it’s time to give them pets, they can be pretty demanding. They’ll nudge and lick my hand, and then nuzzle their head down and wait for me to oblige. By the way, Georgia House Rabbit Society has really great resources for understanding rabbit behavior and communication. 

A bunny’s “Joie de vivre” is inspiring

I love when I see my bunnies “binking” around the house. It’s a silly word for a very silly dance. When rabbits are their happiest and most comfortable selves, they race around the house and hop up into the air while twisting their legs and bodies. They are literally so happy, they can’t help but hop for joy! 

Rabbits are awesome BFFs

Rabbits are such social animals. In the wild, they live in colonies together in a ground tunnel system called a warren. Indoors as pets, they often prefer the company of another bunny BFF. Known as “bonded pairs,” two bunny BFFs groom each other, follow each other around, and even lay down next to (or on top of) each other. They can’t get enough of their bestie!

Even though my bunnies have their own bedroom (I know, I know), they usually laze around while touching feet together. Because bunnies are so particular though (about everything, really), the bonding process can sometimes take weeks or months, and should be done following certain bonding steps. Not all bunnies love each other right away, but when they do become best friends, it’s heartwarming.

That was awesome, Lane, and there’s more to come. Rabbits deserve some love here on the Banfield blog, and we’re going to make sure they get it.

Also, please remember that rabbits are exotic pets and therefore require unique veterinary expertise. Veterinary care for rabbits is available at some Banfield Pet Hospital locations, but not all. Please check with your local Banfield to learn if their team can offer care or refer you to another veterinarian.