Value of early screening for pets

Pet comprehensive exam

So many dogs and cats can’t wait to wake you up with their wet noses or happy meows. You might not love getting up in the morning, but you love them – so early is OK with you. Well here’s another thing you can do early for your furry companions: Help discover health issues before they become more serious. 

Pets can’t or won’t always let you know if there’s a change in their health. And changes can occur any time, often without any obvious visual signs. If you only bring your pet in to the vet when you notice something is wrong, it’s a risky approach – because you won’t always be able to notice when something first goes wrong. 

3 reasons to see your Banfield team regularly 

We love your pets. LOVE them! So of course we want them to be happy and healthy and playing and wagging and purring and enjoying life. Which is exactly why we recommend regular checkups. 

  1. Successful disease screening allows for earlier intervention and potentially a better prognosis for your pet. The sooner we find a problem, the less damage it’s done before we start to treat it. 
  2. Many breeds are predisposed to common diseases, so comprehensive examinations twice a year and routine diagnostics can help catch these problems early, when they’re easier to treat. Pets' lifespans are much shorter than ours, they age faster, so we need to look sooner to find these medical issues before they hurt your pet. 
  3. Prescreening for certain diseases also gives your veterinarian a baseline of your pet’s current health status to work from as your pet ages. Each pet is different, so a baseline helps us understand your pet’s individual “normal.” 

Comprehensive exams, twice a year 

If your veterinary team can see and examine your pet regularly and see how things are going, it can help them to catch health issues before they become more serious. Plus, they can do diagnostic tests that help them understand things about your pet’s health that cannot be seen or felt in a strictly-physical exam. So if your cuddly, fuzzy, four-legged (or three, or fewer!) dog or cat is getting year-round preventive care from Banfield, you’re doing it right. As you know, Optimum Wellness Plans (OWP) make early screening a lot easier, because each package includes two comprehensive exams each year, plus unlimited visits for anytime you see something at home. And if you don’t have an OWP yet, now you know why you should. Start one today