keeping Koa happy & healthy through the years

Mention the name ‘Koa’ around Banfield’s Renton, WA hospital team and faces instantly light up. Koa, who recently celebrated her 8th birthday, first visited Banfield when she was 8 weeks old for her first puppy exam and vaccines.

“Over the years, we have been fortunate to watch Koa flourish and grow into the beautiful dog she is now,” writes guest blogger Zubin Emmanuel, DVM and area chief of staff in the Seattle area. Keep reading to see the powerful impact of this special relationship.

Love, trust, and care – from Koa the puppy to Koa the adult

Knowing Koa for eight years has meant that the team and the doctors have been able to cultivate a very close relationship with the sweet Boxer and her owners, who consistently bring Koa in for her exams and are a joy to work with. They’ve become familiar faces here and are considered honorary members of the team! They partner with us on all recommendations, work hard to implement the required home care, and never hesitate to call with questions. 

Like many Boxers, Koa developed her fair share of medical issues, which meant regular trips to see us. There were many occasions where she was coming in every 1-2 weeks for follow-up visits, which meant both the doctors and the technicians were able to develop a thorough knowledge of her medical history as well as a great appreciation for her unique spirit and character. Koa has always been the perfect patient, always sweet and happy to see everyone.

A regular checkup helped prevent a potentially serious health problem

One day, when Koa was 4 years old, an unusual heart arrhythmia was noted during one of her routine comprehensive exams. An electrocardiogram was performed that day which prompted her doctor to recommend referral to a local cardiologist for an evaluation. Koa was found to have an unusual type of heart condition found in Boxers which can have serious consequences if not managed appropriately.

Luckily it was caught early, and Koa has continued to be monitored closely during each of her subsequent comprehensive exam visits, and with regular follow-ups with her cardiologist.

We are thankful for Koa and her owners, and she is indeed a much-valued member of our Renton Banfield family. We are grateful to be a continuing part of Koa’s wellness journey! 

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