your pet moves you, but what moves them?

Everything we do here revolves around pets and the people who love them. That’s why we always keep a healthy mix of pet-centric stories going, including plenty of helpful posts about pet wellness. Today, we’re talking about mobility – a topic that’s on the minds of our veterinary teams throughout the country but might not (yet) be on your mind as a pet owner.

A healthy weight and activity level are important for maintaining a pet’s quality of life. Yet weight and obesity in dogs and cats continues to increase in the US. The potential consequences are significant, including reduced mobility and osteoarthritis.

Weighty issues: what you might be missing

More than half of the adult dogs seen at Banfield Pet Hospital as recently as 2018 were overweight. Yet for many pet owners, it can be difficult to spot changes in body condition and reduced mobility.

Sometimes, people might think that changes in their pet’s walking, running, or exercise habits are simply “normal” aspects of aging, and not signs of pain or something else going wrong. It can also be difficult to determine your pet’s body condition accurately, especially with pets who have thick, fluffy fur coats. And as the percentage of pets with overweight conditions grows—and as we see more and more of their pictures and videos on social media—we might start getting used to the “new normal” without realizing that, actually, there’s a real problem.

Veterinarians can help

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, from Pugs to Great Danes. Combining expertise and the use of an internationally recommended 9-point body condition scale, your Banfield veterinary team can determine if your pet is at an ideal body condition, is underweight, or overweight. And then we can help you and your pet find a path toward improvement.

Keeping pets healthy and maximizing their mobility throughout their lives is crucial. And if you’re already giving the pet you love the care they deserve with twice-a-year comprehensive exams, dental care, parasite control, vaccinations and all the other good stuff you get with an Optimum Wellness Plan® from Banfield, we love you. If not, we love you too—and we’d love to see you and your pet at your neighborhood Banfield Pet Hospital soon.

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