Cat itching their face

does your pet have the itchies?

Pet allergies are no joke.  
If your pet experiences them, you know they can be annoying, uncomfortable, or even painful for your beloved furball.  
Allergic or atopic dermatitis is caused by allergens such as fleas, grass, mold, certain foods, house dust, and other irritants. When a dog or cat is sensitive to an allergen, it can cause them to bite, lick, or scratch their skin. Sometimes the biting, licking, or scratching can get really bad and cause your pet to bleed. Poor little cuties!  
When a dog or cat is having an allergic reaction, they might itch/like/bite around their eyes, ears, mouth, feet, belly, armpits, tail, and groin. (In other words — pretty much anywhere on their body.) Atopic dermatitis usually doesn’t resolve on its own, so if you have concerns about your pet’s scratching/liking/biting, it’s worth scheduling a visit with your Banfield vet. They can go over treatment options and management.