Cat and dog sleeping

keep your pets stress-free during the holidays

The holidays mean a lot of people, a lot of activity, and a lot of change. And not every dog or cat is good with handling all this commotion. If you have a pet that gets scared or agitated with large groups or changes in their schedules or environment, check out our helpful tips below. 


If your pet can’t handle crowds 

Noise anxiety is a real thing that dogs can experience. We may see this behavior occur with the crack of thunder or the boom of fireworks, but it can also happen with loud gatherings as well. Symptoms of noise anxiety in dogs include trembling, pacing, panting, hiding, whining, destroying things, or running away. 

If you know your pup is going to struggle with a crowd, talk to your Banfield vet about precautions you can take. There are certain calming medications or treatments they might recommend. You can also help your sweet doggo by creating a safe space for them in the house, turning on music or the TV, or using stress-relieving devices like pheromone diffusers, compression shirts, or even just a new holiday toy. 


If your pet doesn’t like change

Many humans have time off during the holidays, which means they sleep in late, stay out late, or leave the house at abnormal times. (Let’s not even talk about the weird tree in the living room.) They also might travel out of town with or without their pet. Dogs in particular do well with routine, so if you feed your dog at 7AM every day, try to stick with their routine even when you’re on break. It’s also important to keep them stimulated — go for more walks, play in the house, or get them a new toy to play with. Keeping them physically and mentally active can help alleviate building anxiety. 


If you’re traveling with your pet

If your dog or cat is hitching a ride on your holiday travels and they’re not the most carefree traveler, talk to your Banfield vet about what you can do to help keep them at ease. There are medications your vet can offer, as well as calming pheromones and other devices available for both dogs and cats. And don’t forget: for their safety, it’s important to keep them properly buckled in their seat with appropriate equipment. Check out our helpful road trip tips. 

Happy holidays!