Cat getting microchip scanned

the scoop on microchipping your pet

Unfortunately, beloved pets go missing every day. Though we may think our pets will never leave our sight, sometimes they can slip out of the house or car in the blink of an eye. And if there is no way to identify your pet, trying to find them can be very difficult. If you have an escape artist at home, microchipping can make a real difference.

Here’s the scoop on microchipping. 

What’s microchipping?  

Microchipping is a common and simple option for identifying your pet. The microchip is as teeny-weeny as a grain of rice and is implanted between your dog or cat’s shoulder blades. Implanting the microchip is similar to your pet getting an injection and it doesn’t require surgery or anesthesia. Your pet will have their microchip for life and if they should get lost, a microchip could help get them back to you.   

How does that little thing work?  

That tiny microchip contains an ID number that connects to your pet’s identity. When your pet first received their microchip, you most likely sent your contact information and other important identifying info to a registry. When your pet receives a microchip at Banfield, we will automatically send your information from Petware to Homeagain. We will provide you with information on how to keep your contact information up to date with Homeagain. If your pet should go missing and taken to a shelter or pet hospital, a staff member can wave a microchip scanner over the microchip to learn what your pet’s unique ID code is and look up the owner's contact information on the registry. As long as your info is up to date in the registry, you should expect a phone call with news about your pet’s discovery.  

Where can I microchip my pet?  

The good news is most veterinary hospitals offer microchipping — like your local Banfield hospital! The next time you’re at your appointment, let your vet know that you’d like to microchip your pet or just call and make an appointment. Again, you may think your pet will never run away or get lost (or get stolen!), but honestly—you never know. Microchipping can help offer some peace of mind.