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Vet Chat
TM is your anytime, anywhere source for general veterinary advice, both online and on your phone — and it’s included in your Optimum Wellness Plan®.

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Vet Chat

It’s 2 AM, and your pet is throwing up. You’re driving cross-country, and your cat won’t eat. You’re backpacking and your dog starts limping or scratching — a lot. Is it an emergency? Does your pet need a trip to the vet?

Unlimited petcare advice for the pet you love

Petcare problems can happen anytime, anywhere. That’s why every Optimum Wellness Plan comes with Vet ChatTM, your unlimited, 24/7 source for general veterinary advice online and on your phone.  

Vet ChatTM connects you with real vets — anytime, anywhere — to help you make informed healthcare decisions about your pet. Get advice on emergency situations. Find out if your pet should see the vet. Learn more about what to watch for, what to worry about, and when you can relax.

Anytime, anywhere veterinary advice

Connect with a vet no matter where you are. Just download our Banfield app to access Vet ChatTM — at home, on vacation, and on the go.
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24/7 live chat via text

Text with a real vet anytime to get the pet health advice you need, whether it’s general concerns or questions about next steps for unexplained pet illness.
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No extra charges or fees

Vet ChatTM  is included in every Optimum Wellness Plan (OWP). There’s no extra charge for chatting, so you can concentrate on your pet and not on fees.

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Just log in and open Vet ChatTM to get started

If your pet has an OWP, just log in online or download the Banfield app to your device. Click on Vet ChatTM and you’ll be connected to veterinary advice via text.

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Upload photos and short videos

Easily upload pictures or clips to help you get the guidance you need about what’s worrying you, from injuries to coughing to weird new behaviors.

Chat on or download our Banfield app to your phone

Just log into MyBanfield on our site or your phone to get started.

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