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puppy wellness: how to feed your puppy

What’s a high-quality dog food? What’s a healthy weight?

What you feed your wee doggyBFF is really important, because their growing bodies need quality nutrition — in the right serving size — to keep up with their puppy needs. Here’s how to figure out how and what to feed your pup all the way through adulthood. We’re here to help with basic facts about doggy diets, like how to choose your dog’s food and how much and how often they should eat. And if you have any questions or need more advice, we’re always here to help.

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Quality nutritious (and delicious) dog foods can help your puppy grow and your grown dog to be happy and healthy.

All about diet and nutrition for a happy puppy

Basic balanced diets for puppies

Get a quick primer on feeding your puppy, like what to know about serving sizes and when to reach out to your vet for help.

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Quality nutrition for dogs

We’ve got tips on what dogs need for health, how to pick a quality diet, why you should read pet food labels, and much more.

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Learn even more about the puppy you love

Get our top tips on diet and nutrition for a happy puppy

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Choosing a quality pet food

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What about alternative dog food?

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Why is my puppy eating poop?

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