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Fleas may be tiny little insects, but they can be a big threat to your pet’s health and happiness. Fleas cause everything from severe itching, to intense allergic reactions, to anemia from blood loss. We’re here for love, health, and year-round flea protection for your pet. Talk to your veterinary team about the right topical, oral, or other flea control options for your pet’s age, location, and lifestyle.

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Preventing fleas with effective, year-round flea protection for your pets is much easier than treating flea-related disease, illness, and conditions.   

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Does your pet have fleas?

Keep an eye out for pet itching and scratching, even if your pet is on parasite control. The sooner you rule out an infestation — or take action to stop one — the better off you and your pet will be.

How to check pets for fleas
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A year-round problem

Fleas can still be annoyingly active even when the weather gets cold. That’s why we recommend year-round, lifelong parasite control. Safe and effective flea control can help protect the entire family.

Tips on getting rid of fleas

Why treating fleas is so important

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Flea allergies are truly awful

Fleas are the #1 cause of allergies in pets. Pets can develop a severe allergic reaction after even a single flea bite, causing incredible itchiness. Constant scratching may cause skin damage, which can then easily lead to skin infections. 

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Fleas carry tapeworm larvae, yum

Fleas can go right down your pet’s gullet if your pet accidentally eats one. Any tapeworm larvae they carry can then settle in your pet’s intestines, where they suck out nutrients and shed segments into pet poo. Preventing fleas can help — a lot.

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Blood loss and anemia

Fleas can consume 15 times their weight in blood a day. Multiply that by a serious flea infestation, and you’re talking life-threatening blood loss. Kittens and puppies are at special danger of losing too much blood to flea infestations, while even grown pets can suffer from flea-related anemia, or low red blood cell counts.

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Parasite protection for dogs

Dogs don’t just get fleas. Ticks, intestinal parasites, and skin mites can also keep your pet from being happy and healthy. From hookworms to heartworms, tapeworms, scabies, and more, we can help to protect and treat your BFF.

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Parasite protection for cats

Cats need protection against fleas, plus help with ticks, deworming, and mites. We can help keep your kittyBAE from being a bug buffet with protection against intestinal worms, ear mites, and other nasty parasites.

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