heartworms and heartworm disease

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Having worms in your heart is even worse than it sounds

Heartworms are literally worms that invade your pet’s heart and arteries. They’re transmitted by mosquito bites, affect pets all across the United States, and even a small infestation can cause long-term damage. Don’t let heartworm happen to the pet you love. We’re here with health, happiness, and heartworm prevention and treatment for the pet you love.

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Help prevent heartworm with year-round prescription heartworm medication. Prevention is easier, safer, and much less costly than treating any heartworm infestation once it begins.

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Signs and symptoms of heartworm disease

When infected mosquitos bite a pet, they can inject heartworm larvae into the bloodstream with every bite. Some pets show no signs at all until they need serious medical help, which is why we always recommend regular heartworm prevention.

Early signs — schedule a veterinary checkup

  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss
Emergency — seek veterinary help immediately
  • Fatigue and coughing
  • Swollen belly
  • Sudden labored breathing
  • Pale gums from anemia and blood loss 
  • Fainting
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Dog heartworm symptoms

Heartworms clog up the heart and arteries, causing congestion that affects a pet’s entire system. If your BFF isn’t on regular heartworm prevention, please see the vet and have them tested if they develop a cough, seem lethargic, and lose interest in eating. (In fact, even if your dog is on heartworm prevention, these are all signs that need veterinary attention.)

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Cat heartworm symptoms

Immature worms can damage your cat’s lungs and blood vessels, causing a condition called Heartworm Associated Respiratory Disease, or “HARD.” Cat infestations can be difficult to diagnose, even with regular blood tests, so watch out for vomiting, rapid breathing, and weight loss.

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