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6-7 months:
Your pup’s personality really pops

At 6-7 months, your puppy may be physically more like an adult dog — but they’re still growing in all sorts of ways. Now is the time they’re exploring the world, themselves, and your boundaries. Their appetite is growing just like they are, and their grown-up personality starts to shine through.

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A husky puppy running in the yard and playing with its owner

Key health milestones for puppies aged 6-7 months:

Your puppy needs different kinds of care for different ages. Have you completed these health milestones?

Vector graphic of a dog wearing a protective collar

Spay or neuter procedure

Vector graphic of parasites

Internal parasite exam

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Discuss diet needs

All about puppy wellness

Check out these resources as you learn more about raising your pup at this age.

A puppy eating from a bowl of kibble

Avoid overfeeding

While your pup may find many different types of food yummy, it’s important to know when and how much will fill their hungry belly.

See more about pup diets
Two puppies playing with a rope toy

Playing nice

Is your pup pushing limits? Here are our top tips to help your growing doggo get back on the path to good behavior.

How to help your pup stop bad habits
Puppy wellness is a great big ball of love, insight, and veterinary care
Vector graphic of a veterinarian's lab coat with a stethoscope

Take smart vet care

Our veterinary teams draw on a nationwide network of knowledge to create a petcare plan designed around your pup’s unique health needs.

Why vet care matters
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Add insights into puppy behavior

The right info about pet behavior and training can help you build, maintain, and grow the special bond between you and the dog you love.

Know your pup
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And bring the love

Health, understanding, and happiness are the best foundations for a pet life well lived — for every fun, furry, snuggly-sweet moment you and your doggy BFF share.

Let’s get happy
What other pup things should I know?
A Yorkshire Terrier puppy sitting in the grass

Please don’t eat poop

See why pups eat gross things
A puppy, wearing a green collar, barking

Dogs sometimes bark a lot

What to know and how to respond
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