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Andriana "Ana" Chavez

Veterinary Assistant

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Andriana is relatively new to the field, but her caring heart and expertise in medicine makes her an extraordinary asset to the Banfield family! She has always loved caring for pets and taking in neighborhood animals since a very young age. She has her own furry family member, a cute Dalmatian named Pongo, who keeps her active daily. While working at our great location in Casselberry, Florida, Andriana is continuing her education in occupational therapy and is excited to work with children with varying disabilities. Andriana's loving and playful heart makes her a great, caring vet assistant for your furry pets.

About Andriana "Ana" Chavez


Associate of Arts Degree; currently working on Bachelor of Clinical Psychology Master's in Occupational Therapy


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Personal interests

Playing music, singing, mentoring for the foster children in the county, volunteering at human hosptials


1 dog

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