Dr. Jovanna Radillo, MPPA, DVM

Chief of Staff

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Jovanna Radillo, MPPA, DVM

Chief of Staff

Born and raised in the city of Los Angles, I am a first generation Mexican American who has been in the small animal field for more than 14 years. I studied at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, with my focus being small animal medicine. I also have a master's in public policy and administration from Sacramento State University. I am currently an area chief of staff in the LA market. I enjoy my time developing doctors and UC Davis veterinary students with active mentor participation in their communication labs. On my days off, I try to find my balance by staying active, particularly through weight lifting, reading, and traveling. Compassion fatigue, depression, and anxiety are definitely areas of interest to me. Each day as a veterinarian I face challenges that have the power to be sinkers. However, with active realization, there are so many tools to reconnect with this amazing profession.

About Dr. Jovanna Radillo


UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Licensed in


Years in practice

2007 - 2021


She / her

Language fluency

Spanish, English, French (some)

Personal interests

Hiking, weight lifting, volunteering in the community, boxing, traveling, cooking, baking, continued learning


1 dog, 3 cats

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