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Mark Zimmerman, DVM


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I started my career as a veterinarian in a mixed animal practice in Bakersfield, California. After two years, I moved to Stockton, California to take a job at a veterinary emergency hospital. I met my wife of 30 years while working relief at an animal emergency hospital in Southern California. She moved to Stockton with me, and after several years working our separate jobs we bought a hospital in Stockton, which we owned for 25 years. Since selling our hospital, I have enjoyed working week-ends for Banfield. I find veterinary medicine much more rewarding when I can focus on our clients and patients without worrying about management.

About Dr. Mark Zimmerman


Doctor of Veterinary Medication, E. Lansing Michigan

Years in practice

1987 - 2021


He / him

Personal interests

Wildlife and landscape photography, hiking, kayaking


2 dogs, 2 cats, 8 tortoises, 1 guinea pig

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