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P. Robertson, DVM


As a young girl growing up in New England, Dr. Robertson fell in love with animals and developed a passion for caring for them. Between her own pet guinea pigs and lizards to the horses on her collegiate equestrian team, to training medical alert service dogs, Dr. Robertson was always finding a way to be near wonderful creatures of all different species. After her undergraduate years at the University of Massachusetts, Dr. Robertson worked for the Animal Rescue League of Boston and was on the front-lines of rescuing and rehabilitating both the domestic and wildlife species of the Cape Cod area. Completing her graduate studies in the Caribbean island of Grenada and Oklahoma State University exposed Dr. Robertson to an even wider variety of species and their needs. After graduation from St. George's University in 2013, Dr. Robertson enjoyed time at a mixed animal clinic before answering the call to serve overseas as a Combat Veterinarian in Iraq. Since returning from overseas, Dr. Robertson has been blessed to be serving the local communities of Northeast Ohio where she happily lives with her partner Chad on a small homestead farm.

About Dr. P. Robertson


St. George's University, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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2020 - 2021


She / her

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Competitive trail riding, art


2 dogs, 2 horses, 1 donkey, chickens, fish

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