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Sonia Kaur, DVM


Dr. Sonia moved from Vancouver Canada in July 2019 after getting married to a neuropsychiatrist in Durham. She managed her own small animal practice since 2010. Before opening her own practice, Dr. Sonia has worked with Banfield in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Sonia has one chihuahua mix dog that she rescued in 2011. She completed her masters degree in veterinary pathology from India and did her Navle and CPE exams in Las Vegas and Mississippi. Dr. Sonia loves living in NC due to its milder temperature as she loves outdoors. Her hobbies are travelling, learning new things like painting, music, dance etc. Dr. Sonia is very passionate about her job as it gives her opportunity to expand her knowledge every day.

About Dr. Sonia Kaur

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North Carolina

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2019 - 2021


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