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Banfield is here for pets and the people who love them, so it makes perfect sense to give clients (you all!) an outstanding experience. That’s exactly what Banfield’s head of client experience, Dr. Ari Zabell, and his team, focus on every day. Hope you enjoy Part 1 of our interview with him, below!

Three keys to a high quality petcare experience

We want to do everything we can to make sure clients have a great experience with Banfield – whether you’re visiting a hospital, doing a drop-off appointment, or talking to us on the phone. To help us achieve this, we focus on expertise, ease, and empathy.

Veterinarians train for years so that we can understand our pet patients and the health conditions they have. But we also have to help you understand what we’re seeing, and be confident that we can help your pets. One of the best ways to connect is to listen and encourage you to tell us what's going on with your pets. This allows us to make sense of your pet’s condition and then be a part of helping keep your pet healthy.

Service matters a lot, too. Making things easy, answering the phone when you call, returning calls, being accessible on evenings and weekends – it’s all really important. And the other part of making petcare easy is about being affordable. That's something that Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans® help out with tremendously.

Last but not least, you need to know that your veterinary team cares about your pets – and about you. We want to connect with you on a personal level and show that we’re willing to go the extra mile. Not just because we’re interested in the science or the medicine (of course, we are), but because we truly do care about the people and pets we’re serving.

How do we improve overall client experience?

My role, with my team, is to understand our clients’ needs and challenges, so that as a practice we can do a better job of meeting those needs. We use our client satisfaction survey, as well as our client feedback module, to really pay attention to what our clients are saying.

Every single pet that enters a Banfield Pet Hospital comes in either under the arm of or at the other end of a leash from a client. So if we want to do a great job taking care of our patients, we need to do a great job taking care of our clients.

Enjoyed the interview? Read Part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Ari Zabell, too.

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