teaching kids about pets and petcare

You probably know a lot of kids who would be jump-up-and-down happy if they could take care of pets for a living. It’s basically the coolest thing you could imagine if you’re a kid, you love pets, and you like to learn new things.

The veterinary teams at Banfield Pet Hospital know exactly how these kids feel. Pretty much every veterinarian and veterinary technician felt the same way growing up.

Maybe that’s why so many Banfield pet pros love to teach and mentor students. Encouraging kids from diverse backgrounds to explore petcare careers is just a natural fit. And it’s one of the big reasons Banfield started the Banfield Pet Academy program, which continues to expand and reach more students each year.

Sharing the sweet science of pets and petcare jobs

Ever wonder what your pet is trying to tell you? Thinking it would be fun to teach your dog new tricks while you’re at home together? Curious what a veterinarian does?

As part of Banfield Pet Academy, Banfield veterinarians and technicians spoke to 12,000 kids across the country in 2019 about pets and careers in veterinary medicine. There were conversations about animal biology, physiology, and behavior. About what it’s like to work at a hospital. And about how to turn the love for pets and science into a fulfilling job. It was awesome.

In 2020, Banfield Pet Academy expanded to include video presentations by vets in Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Farsi (along with other languages coming soon). It’s a great way to reach and inspire people from all kinds of backgrounds, even in COVID-19 times. Oh, and one other thing: it’s fun!

Whether you’re a pet owner, pet lover, or future veterinary professional, Banfield Pet Academy is here to show you the rewards that come with helping pets live happy and healthy lives.

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