jobs for people who love pets

You love pets. Let’s rephrase that: you LOVE pets. Have you ever thought about a veterinary medicine career?

This is the Banfield blog, not a careers page. But when you view the list of job listings at Banfield Pet Hospital and see how many possibilities there are for people to make a living while helping pets, it’s really inspiring.

Jobs for people who LOVE pets

You know about veterinarians, of course. Heck, that’s what a lot of us wanted to be when we grew up, right? The vets we’ve featured so far on the Banfield blog – including Drs. Mina Abdelmalek, Heidi Cooley, and Kimberly Riley – love that they get to help animals AND build meaningful relationships with people. Sure, it takes a lot of dedication, training, and talent to become a veterinarian. But from what we’ve heard from vets, it’s more than just a job – it’s a calling.

Another awesome petcare role is Veterinary Technician. Not only do you get to help keep pets healthy and happy, it’s a growing profession throughout Banfield and the entire veterinary medicine arena. What do vet techs do and why do they love their work? We’ve talked to a few here on the Banfield blog, including Jessica Mccray.

Oh, and how about this job title: “Pet Care Assistant”. The name says it all! Also, Banfield employs client service coordinators who help create and promote a welcoming, happy, and friendly experience for pets and people at every Banfield Pet Hospital.

If you’re curious about any of these and other roles, check out the Banfield jobs page. Lots more detail there, plus a list of all the current open positions throughout the country.

Celebrating equity, inclusion and diversity

Whether you’re already on the path toward a career in petcare, or this blog post has inspired you to get started, definitely keep Banfield in mind when you’re applying for jobs. We’re always seeking amazing, talented, and dedicated people from all different backgrounds.

“We are committed to hiring and growing talent that represents the communities we serve for our future,” says Tiffany King, Banfield’s Director of Inclusion & Diversity. In addition to strengthening relationships with diverse veterinary associations, colleges, and universities, Banfield is also “developing mentorship opportunities to help our veterinary students and professionals expand their knowledge and grow their careers,” says King. 

Banfield also has several programs and resources that support a holistic health and wellbeing approach for our associates, including veterinary student debt relief.

The petcare future is bright, and your talent, passion, and love for pets can make it shine even stronger.

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