Banfield providing pet care at a Stand Down event

Banfield honors veterans today and every day

At Banfield, we celebrate two types of vets: veterinarians and veterans. While we love talking about how awesome DVMs are (you can read more about our love here), in this post we’re going to talk about the brave heroes in our military. 

Stand Down 

Across the country, we are proud to partner with various nonprofits for their Stand Down events. For anyone unfamiliar, Stand Downs are community-based programs that help veterans who are unhoused. At the most recent Stand Down in Portland, Oregon, our associates volunteered to provide free vaccines, nail trims, and examinations for the furry companions and support pets of vulnerable veterans. Visit our Instagram page to see photos from this incredible event. 

“From an emotional standpoint, being here today and seeing veterans with their pets — it’s so impactful to see the human-animal bond. These animals…they’re here for service...they’re totally bonded to their person. Being able to help keep them healthy is amazing.”

— Kate Hilsenteger, DVM, Area Chief of Staff, Happy Valley, Oregon 

Veterans diversity resource group

The sponsor of our most recent Stand Down was our associate-led Banfield Veterans diversity resource group (DRG). Their mission is to engage and retain veterans, individuals in the National Guard or Military Reserves, and friends and family of those with military service by driving awareness, building partnerships, and advocating for military associates and their families.  

We are very proud to have veterans on our team and to have veterans as our clients, and we will continue our efforts to support them for years to come.